You want to jump-start your career?

You want to jump-start your career?

Jobs in data protection and information security

Job offers in London

There are currently no vacancies at our London office.

Job offers in Germany

Location:Berlin, Munich
Scope: Full-time
Career level: Professional
Updated:January 2022

Job opportunities for lawyers specialised in data protection law and information security

The career portal contains numerous job offers for lawyers who are well versed in data protection law. Whereas the law firm is specifically looking for attorneys or jurists who have specialised in international data protection law or data protection law of another European country, the activeMind AG job posts are particularly for legal consultants who are experts in German data protection law and very knowledgeable about information security.

With the introduction of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the need for data protection consultation has risen sharply among companies all over Europe and also worldwide. Therefore, new jobs are regularly available at for lawyers with a primary focus on data protection and professional experience in the field of information security. These numerous open positions are the ideal starting point for a career with a very interesting employer at three attractive locations and on behalf of renowned companies around the world.

As a result of having to specifically regulate data protection in data transfers between EU countries and Great Britain, the imminent Brexit will lead to markedly more jobs in data protection law being offered in the UK. Special career opportunities will be available here for attorneys who would like to work for an employer with offices in the UK and the EU.